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*disclaimer* if you are Jensen Ackles (or his pretty, pretty wifey), I'm sorry I objectify your body, but I'm not going to stop. You're just too much. :)


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Slytherin!Harry AU (x)

#slytherin harry would have been the ultimate choice from an authorial perspective #the chosen one coming out of a house disgraced by racism and the dark arts #a living testament to the fact that slytherin house is the fast track to greatness and that good or evil is a CHOICE #also harry already had a brush with slytherin during his sorting and can speak parseltongue and all that awesome stuff #because lets be real harry is brave as hell but hes also cunning, determined to survive #a little duplicitous #and thrives on praise #slytherin harry could be besties with ron AND close to draco #he could break down interhouse prejudice and be the bright light in a noble house that has fallen into darkness #he could put an end to the honestly awful griffyndor/slytherin bullying that GOES BOTH WAYS because screw this idea that you have to choose a side, that you have to compete with people who are different than you #and he could struggle with his inner demons the whole time #because characters that could easily go bad who get up every day choosing to be good will always be more important to me than inherently good ones

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redraw of a stock

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This is perfect.

This is perfect.

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Short video of the first episode of Supernatural Season 10!!

give me it now

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Jensen on the relationship between Demon!Dean and Crowley in Season 10.

Things I need from this season include Crowley and Dean being bros, Crowley realizing Dean is not his pet despite the current situation, Cas and Sam being bros, Dean being mean to Cas and then being surprised that he doesn’t want to be mean to Cas and them having a weird ‘but we’re still bros’ moment where Cas being there makes Dean come back to himself a little bit. I need all that.

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Giriko is such an asshole. I love it. Fucking dork.

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for lauren

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Worked on a painting for several hours, didn’t save (which is my own damn fault), had ONE layer left, program crashed (which is the program’s damn fault), file is gone.

I’m going to read angry fics and go to bed.

damn it all. good night.

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"Do I want to be you or do I want to be on you" the musical

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*Fictional character torn apart by bullets*

They might still be alive

*Fictional character shot in the head*

I’m sure they could survive that

*Fictional character in coffin at funeral about to be buried*

They’ll be ok


Death is irrelevant when you watch Supernatural

You see your main character in hell.
"They’ll be fine. Just wait. "

"Dude their in hell."




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I want a movie about greek gods where hades isn’t the antagonist

By all accounts the antagonist in every Greek Gods movie should be Zeus’s dick. Nothing else causes as much murder and mayhem.

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pet shaming, Supernatural style

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you know what would go GREAT with that dress? a sword and iron gauntlets

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So Far This Week

Hair caught in the shower curtain rod (again)

Hair caught in the front door of the house

Hair caught in the car door

Hair caught in the power window

Hair caught on bra hook (every day)

Hair caught on bookshelf corner hook thing

Hair caught on chair’s upholstery buttons

Hair caught on jewelry

Hair caught on doorknob

Hair caught on game controller

Hair tangled dangerously around neck while bathing

Hair caught on clothes buttons

Hair caught on frying pan handle

Hair caught on bath faucet

It *may* be time for a hair cut.

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